• GRC Networking 

    GRC Networking

    In Washington, at regional workshops, and online, GRC fosters opportunities for members to network with funders and research/sponsored programs professionals. We offer our members the advantage of sharing expertise and building relationships with the experts who administer grant competitions and manage successful grants. 

    Washington Meetings

    Members repeatedly tell us that the quality of GRC conference programming makes our professional meetings ones they cannot afford to miss, even when institutional budgets dip and state travel evaporates. Federal agency leaders and program officers rely on GRC conferences for opportunities to meet face-to-face with our members in an intimate setting to deliver information that elevates the overall quality of the applicant pool. GRC hosts two meetings a year in Washington, D.C., a member service for more than 40 years.

    Virtual Meetings

    GRC hosts a minimum of two web conference training sessions per month. For a fee of $120, participating members interact directly with agency representatives and other experts. In many cases, especially involving short-turnaround grant competition deadlines, GRC web conferences present the only formal agency outreach.

    Campus Visits

    GRC staff will conduct on-campus training and consultation on a range of strategic, regulatory, and proposal development issues. Members may request one- or two-day visits during which staff can meet with faculty, campus leadership, and community partners to deliver briefings and proposal development training. There is no honorarium associated with these visits; the campus covers only staff travel and per diem.