2013 New Presidents Academy

The AASCU New Presidents Academy is tailored to the distinctive needs and the specific challenges that a first-time president of a state college or university is likely to face. The program provides practical advice grounded in leadership research and complemented by the knowledge and experience of current and former AASCU presidents who serve as academy faculty. Topics include strategic visioning, shaping the organization, managing enrollment for student success, financial management, interpretive communication and much more.

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The AASCU New Presidents Academy 2013 Class
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  • NPA13_01The AASCU New Presidents Academy 2013 Class
  • NPA13_02The faculty and class of AASCU's 2013 New Presidents Academy
  • NPA13_03The faculty and staff of the 2013 New Presidents Academy
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  • NPA13_10AASCU's Dorcas Colvin, Vice President Leadership Development and Membership Services
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