ADP National Meeting 2012

The theme for this year’s meeting, Civic Engagement 2.0: Re-Imagining, Strengthening and Deepening Our Civic Work, was inspired by web 2.0 applications (e.g., social media, blogs, Wikis) that are not only the next iteration of an existing application, but also facilitate collaboration, information sharing, and user-centered design. The theme posed the following set of questions: How can we make existing civic education and engagement efforts more student and citizen centered? What can we do to make ADP and TDC more interactive, participative and discovery driven? How can we harness new technologies to engage more students and/or to make our teaching and programming more effective? During our meeting in San Antonio, we explored innovative ways in which to advance our civic work.

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ADP's Saturday Morning Plenary Speaker Byron White
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  • ADP12_01ADP's Saturday Morning Plenary Speaker Byron White
  • ADP12_02
  • ADP12_03Evan Bohl, Northwest Vista College (Texas) student
  • ADP12_04Mel Netzhammer, recipient of 2012 Plater Award
  • ADP12_05Plater Award winners: Larry Gould, Mel Netzhammer, Vince Magnuson
  • ADP12_06CIRCLE's Abby Kiesa
  • ADP12_07University of North Texas' Brenda McCoy
  • ADP12_08University of North Texas' Mike Simmons
  • ADP12_09
  • ADP12_10
  • ADP12_11
  • ADP12_13Tom Ehrlich's featured session on Advancing the Civic Frontier
  • ADP12_14
  • ADP12_15NERCHE's John Saltmarsh
  • ADP12_16
  • ADP12_17
  • ADP12_18
  • ADP12_19
  • ADP12_20
  • ADP12_21UMBC students
  • ADP12_22UMBC and MTSU students
  • ADP12_23MTSU students
  • ADP12_24Evan Bohl and Amee Bearne
  • ADP12_25TDC's Bernie Ronan welcomes attendees
  • ADP12_27
  • ADP12_28
  • ADP12_29Poet and spoken word artist Regie Cabico
  • ADP12_30Regie Cabico
  • ADP12_31
  •'s Ami Dar gives opening plenary
  • ADP12_33Ami Dar
  • ADP12_34
  • ADP12_35
  • ADP12_36Evan Bohl, Northwest Vista College student presents his poster
  • ADP12_37
  • ADP12_38Elizabeth Hauck, Jen Domagal-Goldman and Jennifer Walpole
  • ADP12_39Emily Kinner, De Anza College student
  • ADP12_40Opening Reception
  • ADP12_41Jennifer Burger, University of Michigan-Flint student presents her poster
  • ADP12_42Alex Lin and Bill Loker
  • ADP12_43Georgia College's ADP Quilt
  • ADP12_44Alex Lin, UC Irvine doctoral student presents his poster
  • ADP12_45
  • ADP12_46
  • ADP12_47
  • ADP12_48
  • ADP12_49
  • ADP12_50Elizabeth Hauck, Sante Fe College student presents her poster
  • ADP12_51Felice Nudelman presents George Mehaffy with ADP Quilt
  • ADP12_52ADP honors Tom Ehrlich and Felice Nudelman with Spirit of Democracy awards
  • ADP12_53Felice, George and Tom
  • ADP12_54George and the ADP Quilt
  • ADP12_55AASCU's Jennifers
  • ADP12_56Amee Bearne, George Mehaffy and Jen Domagal-Goldman