Pell Grant: Take Action

It is vitally important for AASCU members and associated stakeholders to stay connected with elected officials in Washington, advocate and build support for public higher education in their communities, and motivate constituencies to join them in promoting access to quality public higher education. AASCU has a number of resources below to help members become “citizen lobbyists” in order to fight budget cuts. Specifically, the federal Pell Grant program is facing threats this fall that could limit student access to higher education and hinder efforts to build a 21st century, innovation-based workforce.

These threats include:

  • A $1.3 billion shortfall for the 2012-13 award year
  • Budget cuts from the Super Committee
  • Across the board budget cuts to student aid programs
  • Cuts to student aid through the FY 2012 budget

We need your help to preserve Pell funding and ensure student access to higher education.

**Click here to sign the Save Student Aid: Statement of Support from the Student Aid Alliance**

How can you help protect higher education?

  1. Contact Your Member of Congress 
  2. Write an Op-Ed 
  3. Stay connected through social media