2012 Public Policy Agenda

2012 PPA CoverAASCU’s advocacy efforts in 2012 will focus on the theme of Delivering America’s Promise in four broad policy arenas: Affordability, Access and Completion, Accountability and Competitiveness.

AASCU will continue to promote public policy that honors long-standing commitments to the nation’s students and their families.



AASCU’s Public Policy Agenda is rooted in an uncompromising commitment to opportunity for the nation’s students and expressed through the following core principles:

  • Higher education is a common good that provides significant benefits to individuals and society as a whole. While the personal gains from higher education are widely acknowledged, the societal benefits are even more significant and lasting, thus warranting continued public investment. These include tangible returns through economic productivity and increased tax revenues, but even more fundamentally, through the promotion of an enlightened citizenry and greater social cohesion and inclusion.

  • America’s public higher education system stands as an embodiment of the nation’s democratic ideals. State colleges and universities accomplish this by promoting broad access to education for all students, regardless of socioeconomic background, thus transforming society and setting a global standard. Amid fundamental changes in the state–campus relationship, this principle must not be compromised.

  • State colleges and universities are committed to delivering America’s promise through quality undergraduate and graduate programs that reflect responsible stewardship of the public investment; meaningful engagement with the social and economic issues facing their states, regions and communities; and the promotion of global awareness, understanding and competitiveness.

  • No American should be denied the opportunity to pursue higher education for lack of financial resources. Affordable public sector tuition and need-based federal aid are the two requisite ingredients for realizing this ideal.

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