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Strategic Planning

IT Vision@2015 California State University, Northridge Project Description: California State University, Northridge (CSUN) engaged in a collaborative process to create IT Vision@2015, a campus digital master plan.  Much like the campus physical master plan establishes a blueprint for the future look of the physical campus, the IT Vision@2015 establishes a five-year vision for information technology.  The vision has been framed within the context of the University planning priorities and considers collaboration opportunities internal to CSUN, and within the broader California State University system community and other higher education institutions. Read more >>

The UNO STEM Priority Strategic Planning Initiative University of Nebraska at Omaha Project Description: The UNO STEM Priority Strategic Planning Initiative followed the Chancellor’s designation of STEM as one of five campus priorities. Faculty leaders created a STEM Leadership Team that collaboratively established a STEM strategic plan with the direct input of over 50 faculty members and nearly 60 members of the community, including K12 educators, business, and community colleges. The initiative has had impacts across the campus, including interdisciplinary grants, new pathways for teacher certification, an enhanced use of Inquiry-Based Learning, increased outreach, academic learning communities, and four externally funded leadership positions, called STEM Community Chairs, that each lead STEM initiatives.  Read more >>