• Protégé Selection Process

    Criteria for Admission: Successful applicants will demonstrate the leadership experience necessary to achieve a presidency or chancellorship in higher education or to advance to vice president or provost. In addition to the above experience, candidates must possess a terminal degree or have significant experience as a senior executive. Equivalent experience outside the academy in government or the private sector is acceptable. All candidates must be nominated by a president or chancellor, or by a chief operating officer from a large complex university or organization.

    Protégés will:

    1. Commit to the yearlong component;
    2. Provide current vitae information;
    3. Share any revisions or additional information to their vitae;
    4. Confer and choose the best method and frequency for communication that works for both mentor and protégé;
    5. Confer with the mentor to identify leadership opportunities in higher education;
    6. Provide a mid-year status report and a concluding evaluation of the experience; and
    7. Notify the Director of the MLI, in a timely manner, of any problems or difficulties.