• 2012 Presidential Campaign and American Higher Education

    2012 Presidential Campaign and American Higher Education

    This website contains a list of selected campaign resources, multimedia, news stories and information related to higher education from major candidates in the 2012 Presidential campaign. The American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU) is a nonpartisan 501 (c) 3 not-for-profit organization and does not endorse political candidates. 

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    Campaign Resources
    President Barack Obama (Visit Website)

    Barack Obama 2012  
    • Education Page-campaign (View)
    • Student Loan Reform Page-campaign (View)
    • White House Higher Education Page (View)
    • White House College Affordability Blueprint (View)
    2012 Democratic Party Platform (View)
    •  College Costs Section (View

    Governor Mitt Romney (Visit Website

    Mitt Romney  
    • Education Page-campaign (View)
    • Romney campaign Whitepaper-A Chance for Every Child (View)
    • Romney campaign Message Points-Education (View)
    2012 Republican Party Platform (View)
    •  College Costs Section (View)


    Obama and Romney campaign education advisors at 2012 National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (NASFAA) Conference, 7/22/2012  

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    Where Obama and Romney stand on the issues, from economy to education to taxes and war (Associated Press, 8/3/2012) (Read)



    President Obama

    • Obama campaign ad on higher education (Spanish) (Watch)
    • Obama campaign ad on college affordability 8/14/12 (Watch)
    • Obama campaign ad on higher education 5/18/12 (Watch)
    • President Obama speech on college affordability 5/4/12 (Watch)
    • President Obama on veterans education 4/29/12 (Watch)
    • President Obama speech on student loan interest rates 4/25/12 (Watch)
    • Obama campaign ad on Gov. Romney's education record (Watch)
    • President Obama speech on student loan interest rates 4/24/12 (Watch)
    • President Obama speech on college affordability 1/27/12 (Watch)
    • President Obama on DREAM Act in the State of the Union 1/24/12 (Watch)
    • President Obama's plan to help college student loan borrowers (Watch)
    • Obama campaign ad on the DREAM Act 10/6/10 (Watch

    Governor Romney

    • Gov. Romney ad on higher education (Spanish) (Watch)
    • Gov. Romney on higher education 5/7/12 (Watch)
    • Gov. Romney on the DREAM Act 01/01/12  (Watch)
    • Gov. Romney on higher education 12/29/11 (Higher education discussion starts at 12:00) (Watch)

    News Stories 
    October 2012

    • Governor Mitt Romney's Higher Education Record (New America Foundation, 11/5/2012) (Read)
    • What Gets an "A" on Student Aid? Obama vs. Romney (Fox News, 10/23/12) (Read)
    • What's At Stake (Inside Higher Ed, 10/25/12) (Read)
    • Candidates on student debt, higher education costs (CBS News, 10/24/12 (Read)
    • What will the candidates do on college costs? (Associated Press, 10/24/12) (Read)
    • Romney's no Oprah (Huffington Post, 10/22/2012) (Read)
    • More Debt, Fewer Jobs: How the Candidates Plan to Solve the Rising Cost of College (PBS Newshour, 10/18/2012) (Read)
    • Mitt Romney: Demand Real Change in Higher Education (Time, 10/18/2012) (Read)
    • Rising College Costs Pose Test for Obama on Education Policies (New York Times, 10/17/2012 (Read)
    • Tracing the Evolution of Romney's Position on Pell Grants (Chronicle of Higher Education, 10/17/2012) (Read)
    • Why Mitt Romney's Massachusetts Education Plan Backfired (Slate, 10/16/2012) (Read)
    • In Debate, Romney Voices Support for Expanding Pell Grant Program (Chronicle of Higher Education, 10/17/2012) (Read)
    • Obama's student aid boast on the mark (CNN, 10/17/2012) (Read)
    • Romney offers selective references to college funding (Los Angeles Times, 10/16/2012) (Read)
    • Obama, Romney on Higher Ed Help: Dueling Visions (NPR, 10/11/2012) (Read)
    September 2012  

    • Which Presidential Candidate is Better for College Applicants? (New York Times, 9/25/2012) (Read)
    • In New Ad for Hispanic voters, Romney Hits Obama on Soaring Tuition and Labor Costs (Read)
    • Mitt Romney Breaks from Ryan Budget on Pell Grants (Hechinger Education, 9/21/2012) (Read)
    • Obama's College Tuition Plans Face Tough Fight (CNN Money, 9/17/2012) (Read
    • Private Sector Role is at Heart of Campaigns' Split on College Costs (New York Times, 9/7/2012) (Read)
    • Democratic Party Platform Highlights Obama Higher Education, Student Loan Reforms (Huffington Post, 9/5/2012) (Read)
    • Democratic Platform Advocates More Higher Education and Attacks Romney on For-Profits (Chronicle of Higher Education, 9/4/2012) (Read)
    • Obama campaigns on college campuses (Los Angeles Times, 9/5/2012 (Read
    • Pell Grants in the Spotlight (Inside Higher Ed, 9/5/2012 (Read)
    • The Obama Agenda (Inside Higher Ed, 9/4/2012) (Read)
    • On college campuses, Obama implores young voters to register and vote (Associated Press, 9/2/2012) (Read)
    • Obama, GOP Duel Over Rising College Expenses (Associated Press, 9/1/2012) (Read)
    August 2012  

    • Obama, GOP Duel Over Rising College Expenses (Associated Press, 9/1/2012) (Read)
    • Obama Reaches Out to Students in Ames (Des Moines Register, 8/29/2012) (Read)
    • GOP platform is harshly critical of higher education (Inside Higher Ed, 8/29/2012 (Read)
    • Obama Courts the Votes of a Less-Engaged Youth (New York Times, 8/28/2012) (Read)
    • Obama Kicks Off Campaign College Tour as Isaac Churns (ABC News, 8/28/2012) (Read)
    • Obama, Romney Spar Over Private Sector's Role in Education (Reuters, 8/26/2012 (Read)
    • President Obama, Mitt Romney Address College Financial Aid, Student Loans On Campaign Trail (Huffington Post, 8/22/2012) (Read)         
    • On Trail, Obama Attacks Romney on Student Aid (New York Times, 8/21/2012 (Read)
    • Obama says Romney Offers Little to Young People Facing the High Cost of Higher Education (Associated Press, 8/21/2012) (Read)         
    • Education Aid Emerging as a Campaign Issue (Education Week, 8/21/2012) (Read)
    • Obama plans to criticize Ryan on his budget's impact on education (Star Tribune, 8/21/2012) (Read
    • For low-income students, the battle for their votes may already be decided (Philadelphia Inquirer, 8/19/2012) (Read)
    • Revisiting Ryan vs. Obama on Pell Grants (New America Foundation, 8/14/12) (Read) (Comparison)
    • A Memo to the Candidates (Inside Higher Ed, 8/14/2012) (Read)
    • Obama campaign's education ad: 'Get Real, Mitt (Politico, 8/14/12) (Read)
    • Where Paul Ryan stands on issues important to colleges (The Chronicle of Higher Education, 8/13/12) (Read)
    • Paul Ryan on education policy: vouchers, for-profit colleges, local control (Washington Post, 8/11/12) (Read)
    • Ryan's higher education record (Inside Higher Ed, 8/11/12) (Read)

    July 2012  

    • Obama Gives it Another College Try (Wall Street Journal, 7/28/12) (Read)
    • Obama's college math doesn't add up (Politico, 7/27/12) (Read)
    • Obama's higher ed posturing (Wall Street Journal, 7/26/12) (Read)
    • A Romney-Obama debate (By Proxy) (Inside Higher Ed, 7/23/12) (Read)
    • Romney's higher ed overhaul in Mass. fizzled (Associated Press, 7/17/12) (Read)
    • With economy still ailing, Republicans make play for college vote (Longmont Times-Call, 7/14/12) (Read)
    • College Loan Debt Burden Grows (Bloomberg News, 7/14/12) (Read)
    • Romney’s student loan plan criticized (Boston Globe, 7/9/12) (Read)
    • Obama touts student loan bill (Politico, 7/7/12) (Read
    June 2012  

    • Romney Backs Permanent Residency for Foreign Students in the STEM Fields (Inside Higher Ed, 6/22/12) (Read)
    • No fruition for Romney on Major Higher Education Plans (Boston Globe, 6/20/12) (Read)
    • Romney’s Dream Act response Highlights Political Peril (Time Magazine, 6/18/12) (Read)

    May 2012  

    • Obama Campaign Customizing Its ‘Higher Education’ Ads (Political Capital, 5/30/12) (Read)
    • Battle of the Columnists: The higher education debate in the 2012 election (Daily Bruin, 5/30/12) (Read)
    • Romney on higher education (Burlington Free Press, 5/30/12) (Read)
    • On the Romney Higher Education Plan (Chronicle of Higher Education, 5/25/12) (Read
    • Romney’s Higher Ed Platform (Inside Higher Ed, 5/24/12) (Read)
    • Romney pledges to Simplify Federal Student Aid and Revive Bank-Based Lending (Chronicle of Higher Education, 5/23/12) (Read)  
    • The New Politics of Student Debt (Inside Higher Ed, 5/3/12) (Read)

    March 2012 

    • Donors to Romney super PAC have ties to for-profit colleges (USA Today 3/29/12) (Read)  
    • How Obama’s Focus on Higher Ed Could Help Him---and Hurt the GOP---in 2012 (National Journal, 3/25/12) (Read)
    • The Shopping Solution and Higher Ed (Washington Monthly, 3/6/12) (Read) 

    February 2012 

    • Romney and Higher Ed (Inside Higher Ed, 2/29/12) (Read)
    • Predicting Mitt Romney's Higher Education Policy (Chronicle of Higher Education, 2/1/12) (Read)

    December 2011/January 2012  

    • Editorial: For-profit colleges are no answer to high tuition (USA Today, 1/29/12) (Read)
    • Romney Offers Praise for a Donor's Business (New York Times, 1/24/12) (Read
    • Romney Pledges to veto DREAM Act (Reuters, 12/31/11) (Read)