• AASCU Policy Issues

    AASCU is pleased to provide here its 2013 Public Policy Agenda (PPA), a compilation of federal and state policy priorities which guide the association’s governmental relations and advocacy efforts throughout the year.

    The PPA serves as a resource for policymakers, congressional staff, college and university leaders, and other stakeholders in the U.S. higher education community. The PPA is crafted by the association’s Governmental Relations and Policy Analysis staff with considerable input from the AASCU Council of State Representatives, and is approved by the full AASCU membership at its Annual Meeting.

    The 2013 PPA features a new user-friendly format consisting of 16 specific policy issues that are integral to an affordable, accessible and student success-oriented public higher education system. Each topic (shown at the left) features a summary of federal policy priorities, and if relevant, state policy priorities, followed by a concise issue summary, as well as links to selected resources. AASCU will work vigorously to champion these policy priorities in our collective pursuit to promote public policy that honors the long-standing commitments to the nation’s students and their families by the state colleges, universities, and public higher education systems that comprise the association’s membership.

    Download full version (pdf)