• International Education

    Federal Policy Priorities

    • Provide gradual restoration of funding for international education programs which have been consistently cut for the last three years.
    • Encourage student and faculty exchanges supported by the creation of a national study abroad program. 


    International education is an important component of higher education. AASCU Institutions take great pride in offering robust international education programs. Educating students who are fluent in multiple languages and understand diverse cultures is critical to our national security. AASCU believes it is prudent to establish a national study abroad program, particularly for students from underrepresented institutions and populations. We also support the removal of barriers to the open exchange of scholars among all nations and oppose limitations on student and faculty study abroad, except in instances of personal health and security issues. Moreover, there should be an expansion of student exchange programs with foreign countries for colleges and universities, and further easing of travel restrictions imposed by the Department of Treasury that serve as barriers to student/faculty exchanges with Cuba.

    During the current difficult budget environment many of the Department of Education’s Title VI programs have been cut or scaled back. AASCU would urge that this funding be gradually restored as budgetary circumstances allow. This includes programs such as Fulbright-Hays, the Institute for International Public Policy and Title VI international education centers.

    AASCU believes that good data and evaluation will help the Title VI programs grow and flourish. We propose establishing an evaluation and dissemination process for Title VI and Fulbright Hays programs. Each Title VI/ Fulbright Hays program should develop and standardize new performance and outcome measures with the goal of producing performance and outcome measures that are easily accessible to the public. This should also include an overhaul of the departmental system regarding the collection and reporting of grantee data; the International Resource Information System (IRIS).