• The Democracy Commitment

    The Democracy Commitment logoThe Democracy Commitment (TDC) is a national civic engagement project for community colleges that aims to engage community college students in civic learning and democratic practice. The goal of the project is for every graduate of an American community college to have an education in democracy. This includes all community colleges students, whether they aim to transfer to a four-year college or university, to achieve an associate degree or to obtain a certificate.

    The Democracy Commitment is modeled after the American Democracy Project (ADP), a national coalition of public, four-year colleges and universities committed to civic and democratic work, sponsored by the American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU) in partnership with The New York Times. With more than 260 participating colleges and universities, ADP holds an annual meeting, sponsors seven national civic engagement initiatives, and provides a national platform for AASCU faculty, staff, and students to foster informed, engaged citizens for our democracy.

    In a unique partnership, AASCU and ADP are hosting a full-time National Manager for The Democracy Commitment in the AASCU national offices in Washington, DC. The TDC National Manager can be reached at tdc@aascu.org. More than 50 community college presidents have signed the Democracy Commitment and aligned their institutions with The Democracy Commitment.

    To learn more about The Democracy Commitment, visit their website.