• Nominations Committee

    The Spouse/Partner Nominating Committee uses nominations received from the spouse/partner network to develop an annual slate of individuals to serve on the Spouse/Partner Planning Committee. The slate that is developed is subsequently presented to the entire spouse/partner membership for ratification.

    The Committee is composed of seven members-each serving a two year term-who have been active in the Spouse/Partner Program and thus likely to know a broad cross-section of the membership. Every year about half of the Committee (three to four members) rotate off, with new members replacing them.

    The Nominations Committee uses the following guidelines when establishing the annual slate:

    The slate should: 

    1. Consist of active participants who are familiar with the operation of the Spouse/Partner Program and the interests that exist within the spouse/partner network.
    2. Reflect the diversity within the AASCU membership in terms of gender, race and ethnicity, career vs. non-career, and geographical location
    3. Include relatively new as well as long-term spouses/partners

    2014 Spouse/Partner Nominations Committee

    (year in parentheses under each Committee member's name indicates the year of the AASCU Annual Meeting in which that member's term will end)

    Elizabeth G. Ross
    Central Michigan State University

    Janice Beran
    University of Arkansas - Fort Smith

    Albert R. (Mickey) Howard
    Liaison to the Spouse/Partner Program, AASCU 
    (ex officio)

    Judith K. Ingle
    Spouse Program Planning and Outreach Coordinator, AASCU
    (ex officio)

    Melinda P. Johnson
    Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education

    Kathy Killebrew
    Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi

    Georgia Nix Miller
    University of North Carolina at Wilmington

    Pamela Pruitt
    Thomas Edison State College (N.J.)

    FAQs about the Nominations Committee and the Nominations Process

    Q. Who selects the members of the Nominations Committee? 

    A. The Nominations Committee is self perpetuating, thus it uses submitted nominations to fill the open slots on the Nominations Committee as well as the Planning Committee. The entire AASCU spouse/partner network then ratifies a slate that includes proposed new members for both Committees.

    Q. Are self nominations accepted?

    A. Yes, both peer and self nominations are accepted.

    Q. When are nominations accepted?

    A.  A call for nominations is sent out every year in late spring/early summer. The slate is then distributed for ratification in late summer.