• Spouse/Partner Program Team 

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    Judy Ingle Judy K. Ingle, former presidential spouse at Coastal Carolina University (South Carolina), serves as the Spouse/Partner Program Planning and Outreach Coordinator. Judy works with the Spouse/Partner Planning Committee and AASCU staff to develop program and discussion sessions for Annual Meeting and Summer Council, and serves as a resource in assessing the value and feasibility of projects and services. She provides individual counseling, advice and mentoring to spouses/partners as needed. and uses targeted outreach to facilitate the engagement of presidential spouses/partners—particularly of those new to the role—in the AASCU network.


    Albert R. Mickey HowardAlbert R. “Mickey” Howard, husband of AASCU President Muriel A. Howard, serves as the Liaison to the Spouse Partner Program. In addition to   performing “first spouse” duties, Mickey is the spokesperson for the group’s collective concerns, advocates for interests of presidential spouses/partners, and advises presidents and the Spouse/Partner Planning Committee on the interests and needs of spouses/partners (with a special focus on male spouses/partners). 



    • Danita Young
      Project Director, Leadership Development and Meeting Operations
      (202) 478-4677