• Webinar Brings Together Argentine, U.S. Faculty to Discuss International Education Programs

    As part of an Argentina-based program on American Studies, AASCU partnered with the United States Embassy in Argentina and La Universidad Católica de Santa Fe to host the webinar “Delivering Higher Education in the Time of COVID-19: A Conversation With AASCU and Member University Leaders.” The webinar drew more than 70 higher education leaders, including rectors and senior international officers from Argentine and AASCU institutions. View the webinar recording.

    Speakers included Terry Brown, AASCU’s vice president for Academic Innovation and Transformation; Daniel Wubah, president of Millersville University (Pa.); and Patriece Campbell, director of international programs at Millersville. They addressed the need for institutions to assess and reimagine international education programs and for comprehensive internationalization activities during the pandemic.

    Brown acknowledged the challenges AASCU institutions, their communities, and regions are facing. However, she reminded the Argentine higher education community that “despite the challenges, each institution is committed to ensuring that every student is able to succeed in this new environment through rethinking teaching and learning and recreating campus environments to ensure safety.” 

    Campbell stated it is important to be mindful, especially during this time, that though study abroad has been the focus of campuses’ international efforts, it cannot continue to be the sole focus. The numbers of students studying abroad is steadily declining, and there needs to be more proactive efforts to identify other ways to expand the relationships with current partners while also identifying new partners to ensure robust and sustainable partnerships.

    Wubah discussed that while it is not practical to expect a major uptick in students studying abroad until there is a vaccine, students’ desire and attitudes toward study abroad have not changed. Students are simply in a “wait and see” mode.

    Higher education institutions have all been affected by COVID-19, and the pandemic has created a moment for campuses to rethink opportunities and experiences for students. Within this landscape, AASCU maintains its commitment to ensure the success of its students and scholars.