• National Blended Course Consortium

    AASCU’s National Blended Course Consortium (NBCC) aims to address three pressing issues in higher education—cost, access, and quality—through the development and dissemination of technology-enhanced, interdisciplinary courses for first-year undergraduates. NBCC courses are (1) developed collaboratively by teams of faculty; (2) focused on complex, real-world civic issues; (3) delivered in a blended format (in-person and online); and (4) designed to be scalable, flexible and self-sustaining. Each of the NBCC courses has a distinct set of learning objectives, while also sharing a common focus on developing students' civic engagement, critical thinking and communication skills.  

    Currently, four NBCC courses are under development by teams of faculty fellows from across the country:

    Beginning in 2017, the NBCC courses will be launched on an innovative online platform and piloted by faculty members and students from a diverse range of colleges and universities. Assessment data on student learning outcomes, student engagement and faculty members' experiences with the courses will be gathered on a continuous basis and used to inform improvements over time.

    For more information about this initiative, and to preview some of our interactive online modules, please visit www.blendedcourses.org.

    This project is made possible thanks to the generous support of the Teagle Foundation and the U.S. Department of Education’s First in the World program.