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AASCU Reaction to Trends in College Pricing 2011 and Trends in Student Aid 2011

The data in the release of Trends in College Pricing 2011 and Trends in Student Aid 2011 by The College Board reflect the ongoing recession and its continuing negative impact on students and parents, as well as state funding for public colleges and universities.

However, even with ongoing budget cuts, the median dollar increase in tuition and fees at public four-year institutions in 2011-12 was only $540. In addition, 10 percent of full-time students at public four-year institutions attend institutions that increased their prices by less than 3 percent. By comparison, the median dollar increase at private nonprofit four-year institutions was $1,300. Average in-state tuition and fees at public four-year institutions of $8,244 are also thousands of dollars cheaper than tuition and fees at for-profit institutions, whose average was reported as $14,487. Average tuition and fees for private nonprofit colleges and universities was $28,500.

And as the Trends data indicate, there is still financial aid available for needy students to attend accessible public four-year colleges and universities. Full-time students at public four-year colleges and universities receive an estimated average of approximately $5,750 in grant aid from all sources plus federal tax benefits.

While much of these cost increases are due to the erosion of state support, AASCU and its members continue to work to make public higher education more accessible and affordable for students and families. While AASCU institutions have been undeniably affected by ongoing state budget cuts and do not all control tuition setting decisions, they will continue to provide the approximately 3.9 million students attending AASCU institutions with an affordable college education.

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