Reports Indicate that AASCU Institutions Remain Most Affordable Option

The news from the College Board’s annual Trends in College Pricing and Trends in Student Aid reports released today is simple: state support is on the decline, enrollment is continuing to increase, and institutions continue to respond to the economic situations of students and families.

“We welcome this year’s reports as they indicate that AASCU institutions remain the most affordable option for students seeking a four-year degree,” stated American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU) President Muriel Howard.

“While state governments continue to disinvest in public higher education at an alarming rate, shifting the college cost burden to students and families—per-student funding dropped 10 percent in the past year, with a 25 percent drop in the past five years—our public institutions continue to address the financial needs of their students. They are awarding considerable institutional aid and have slowed the growth of tuition increases nearly in half over recent years,” Howard said.

The percent increase in tuition and fees at public four-year institutions over the past year was the smallest since 2000-01.