Not Politics as Usual: World War Zero, a Conversation With Former Secretary of State John Kerry and Former Governor John Kasich

Wednesday, September 9, 2020
Webinar at 2:00 p.m. ET

About the Webinar top

In 2019, former Senator and Secretary of State John Kerry and former Ohio Governor John Kasich, working with others, launched the World War Zero coalition. The new bipartisan initiative brings together unlikely allies to mobilize people from all walks of life to tackle climate change and pollution in the same way we mobilized to win World War II. World War Zero’s goal is to drive 10 million climate conversations in 2020, including this webinar for AASCU members.  

In this event, Kerry and Kasich will discuss the impacts of the climate crisis and pollution on American families and how our AASCU institutions can help prepare future a workforce that will lead America toward a clean energy economy that would create millions of good new jobs. They will engage in dialogue with AASCU members about how we can move beyond partisan politics and create a workforce for the future. This event is open to all AASCU campuses. 


  • John Kasich, former Ohio governor
  • John Kerry, former senator and secretary of state