• Celebrating 50 Years of Leadership, Advocacy and Service

    AASCU 50th Anniversary timeline banner

    For 50 years, the American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU) has worked with its member institutions to deliver on the American promise of access, affordability and educational opportunity and on the commitment to serve as stewards of place in their communities.

    Historically AASCU members have provided access to quality educational opportunities that have launched personal, societal, cultural and economic enrichment across America. GIs returning from World War II turned to AASCU institutions to seek a better life for themselves and their families. The Civil Rights movement opened new doors to higher education that many African-Americans pursued at AASCU colleges and universities. And countless women took advantage of the educational opportunities offered by our members to ultimately enhance every field of endeavor. The 21st century finds fast growing minority populations turning to our colleges and universities to unlock new opportunities as first-generation students. Today approximately 4 million students—more than half of all students who attend public, four-year colleges and universities—attend institutions that are members of AASCU.

    Our members deliver student-centered education in a learning environment that promotes public service, research and civic engagement. In communities rural and urban, AASCU schools are Delivering America’s Promise, championing higher education, providing affordable access and enhancing opportunities for students who may not otherwise have found higher education possible. And they are investing in their communities and regions, fostering regional stewardship and economic progress.

    Over the course of 50 years the American Association of State Colleges and Universities has provided advocacy, leadership and service in support of our members and in the cause of advancing the distinctive mission of public higher education. Our anniversary is an opportunity to celebrate the effective partnerships fostered between AASCU and its members who work together so that students, regions and our society can benefit from the promise of public higher education.

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