• Call for Proposals

    2022 Academic Affairs Summer Meeting

    The 2022 Academic Affairs Summer Meeting—taking place July 21–24, in Portland, OR—will explore the theme “Through the Eyes of Students: Leading the Student-Centered Campus.”

    In recent years, colleges and universities, striving to be ‘student-ready,’ have become more responsive to the needs of their students in order to help them succeed.  As a result of this student success work, they have become more attuned to the voices of their students.  As the student body on many campuses continues to be more diverse than the faculty, staff and leadership of the campus, it is more important than ever to have reliable and consistent ways of listening to the diversity of student voices. 

    • How can academic affairs and student affairs work in partnership to make sure that the student experience is consistent from classroom and beyond?
    • How are campus policies and procedures informed by student experience and input?
    • What student voices are heard above others?
    • How can campus leaders be sure they are hearing a diversity of perspectives?
    • How does a campus preserve the right to free speech which ensuring an inclusive campus?
    • How do you know if students feel heard on your campus?
    • How can you ensure that remote students feel connected and heard?
    • How do campuses make sure that students across the political and ideological spectrum feel safe expressing their views?
    • How do campuses make sure that students feel their concerns will be acknowledged and addressed?
    • How might faculty include students in the design and assessment of curriculum?
    • What are the most effective and reliable ways of evaluating instruction?
    • How do we involve students in student success work?
    • How can student activism be considered as an important component of student leadership and citizenship? How might effective assessment be considered as a way of listening to students?
    • How might listening to students help us address the student mental health crisis?

    We invite proposals from members on topics related to student voices on campus. We seek a diversity of perspectives and experiences, and we especially encourage presentations that include teams from academic affairs and student affairs. Proposals must be submitted no later than 11:59PM EST on April 8, 2022.

    We invite proposals for two types of sessions:   

    1. Topical sessions will be longer (50 minutes) in-depth discussions of topics relevant to regional public universities. They should be designed to present multiples perspectives on a topic and engage the audience in discussion.  
    2. Exemplary practices are shorter (25 minutes) lightening rounds designed for a single institution to share an effective, innovative practice. 

    Please provide as much information as possible in your proposal submission. Should you have any questions, please contact Faozia Pio, administrative coordinator, at academicaffairs@aascu.org

    This call for proposals is open to all who can contribute valuable perspectives and share relevant expertise on academic matters in the context of public regional universities. However, preference may be given in the selection process to AASCU member institutions.

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    Contact Faozia Pio,
    administrative coordinator

    Corporate Sponsors

    We have reserved limited sessions for corporate entities and non-profit sponsors to present, preferably with an AASCU member partner, non-commercial information of compelling interest to our members.

    Contact Kathleen Scott
    for more information.