• 2014 DAA Recipient

    Dr. Michael MarlettaDr. Michael Marletta
    President and CEO of The Scripps Research Institute
    1973 State University of New York at Fredonia

    Renowned biochemist Michael A. Marletta, Ph.D. (SUNY Fredonia, 1973) is president and CEO of The Scripps Research Institute (California) and the Cecil H. and Ida M. Green Chair in Chemistry. Marletta was formerly at UC Berkeley, where he was chair of the Department of Chemistry, co-director of the Chemical Biology Graduate Program, Aldo DeBenedictis Distinguished Professor of Chemistry, and Professor of Biochemistry in the Department of Molecular and Cell Biology. Prior to that he was the John G. Searle Professor of Medicinal Chemistry in the College of Pharmacy and Professor of Biological Chemistry at University of Michigan.

    Dr. Marletta joined the Scripps Research faculty July 1, 2011, following his selection by the Board of Trustees as the Institute's next head.  Recently he was elected to the National Academy of Sciences. 

    A 1995 recipient of the prestigious MacArthur Fellowship as well as many other awards and honors, Marletta has focused his research on the intersection of chemistry and biology—an intersection he explored in his undergraduate study at SUNY Fredonia. He is an acknowledged pioneer in discovering the role of nitric oxide, a critical player in communication between cells. 

    Marletta is the third head of Scripps Institute in the 50 years since it began its focus on basic biomedical research.