2020-2025 Strategic Plan

In the fulfillment of AASCU’s mission, vision, and values, the association will pursue four strategic goals. Our strategic goals are rooted in our commitment to promoting institutional transformation among our members.

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Goal 1

Engage AASCU members in accelerated institutional transformation that optimizes their respective missions and student success goals. 

Serve as a catalyst and facilitator for sharing promising student success practices leading to deep institutional transformation through peer learning networks, programming, services, and convenings. 

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Continue to support and serve AASCU institutions in making student success equitable and inclusive, including first-generation students, low-income students, and students of color. 

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Assist member institutions in strengthening the internationalization of their campuses in order to fulfill their mission to prepare engaged global citizens through high quality programming and services. 

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Assist member institutions in preparing graduates who are informed and engaged citizens instilled with a sense of agency and prepared to live by the values of a just and inclusive society. 

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Advance teacher education as a key component of social mobility and national vitality in creating an inclusive pipeline of students who are prepared to succeed in college and beyond. 

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Goal 2

Advance the mission of AASCU institutions through national and state policy. 

In partnership with member institutions, develop, refine, and promote AASCU’s annual Public Policy Agenda. 

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Strengthen and build upon relationships with federal and state policymakers. 

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Build the public and policymaker knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the role AASCU members play in national and state progress among policymakers and the public. 

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Create a comprehensive communications plan to educate policymakers about AASCU’s public policy agenda, to help articulate what distinguishes comprehensive state colleges and universities, and to inform the public about the value of AASCU institutions. 

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Goal 3

Collect, analyze, and disseminate data to inform policy and practice. 

Improve AASCU’s data-gathering, research, and analysis capabilities so that AASCU is considered an authoritative source of data for members and policymakers. 

Enhance AASCU’s ability to use data and analysis to improve its effectiveness in serving member needs. 

Goal 4

Elevate AASCU’s organizational capacity, long-term impact, influence and leadership. 

Grow and diversify resources available to AASCU. 

Build AASCU membership and engagement. 

Develop comprehensive and measurable communications plans that, among other outcomes, highlight AASCU’s impact, key policy goals, and signature initiatives. 

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