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    May 2015 

    Partnering for Prosperity - Advancing the Institutional and State Agenda Through an Effective Collegiate State Relations Program

    Issued by the AASCU Task Force on Making Public Higher Education a State Priority

    Partnering for Prosperity - Cover Collegiate state relations is the continual, collaborative process of engaging state policymakers to maximize support needed to achieve institutional and state objectives. Building and sustaining a state relations program helps the college focus on achieving its mission and promoting its value to individuals and society. A number of dynamics—economic, fiscal, political and demographic—are among many forces that beckon institutions to renew their strategy for engendering mutually beneficial relations with state government. A state relations program should be orchestrated in a manner that reflects the history, culture, values and governance structures that are unique to each state.

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    The Partnering for Prosperity report is a product of the AASCU Political Perceptions and Policy Priorities Project.