• Strategic Directions and Goals

    In the fulfillment of AASCU's mission, vision, and values, the association will pursue the following strategic goals.

    Goal 1: Advance the Distinctive Mission of Public Higher Education
    AASCU will increase public awareness and understanding of the distinctive and diverse missions of AASCU institutions.

    Goal 2: Foster Institutional Effectiveness and Student Success

    AASCU will increase alignment of its programs and services as well as develop new programs and services to better support institutional effectiveness and student success.

    Goal 3: Support Institutional Leadership and Change
    AASCU will align its leadership development programs, conferences and workshops to support and develop the leadership competencies and qualities that foster institutional effectiveness, student success and positive change.

    Goal 4: Lead Advocacy Efforts to Support Public Financing of Public Higher Education
    AASCU will enhance its advocacy and policy research efforts to explore, analyze and support emerging models for financing public higher education, expanding affordability and continuing to ensure access to public higher education.

    Goal 5:  Advance Equity and Opportunity in Public Higher Ed
    AASCU will strengthen advocacy, and collaboration with other associations and organizations, to advance ideas and programs that advance equity and opportunity in higher education.

    Goal 6:  Strengthen Research Capabilities and Creative Activity of AASCU and its Members
    AASCU will strengthen its capacity to conduct research that informs its work, supports members’ research efforts and advances understanding of public higher education.

    Goal 7:  Strengthen the Financial Sustainability of AASCU and its Members

    AASCU will implement strategies to strengthen the long-term sustainability of the association and support members in their efforts to redefine business models.