Spring 2019

Table of Contents
Between the Lines
A Heart for Rural America
China Policy in Flux
The Anatomy of Leadership
LIFE LESSONS: the presidency with a small ‘p’
2018 Excellence and Innovations Award Winners
The New VSA
Rethinking Federal Student Aid
Regionally Responsive Universities
Higher Education Leaders Gather at Annual Meeting
NUMBERS GAME: Showing the Value of a Bachelor's Degree
Presidents & Practices [1]
Presidents & Practices [2]
Currents & Transitions

Summer 2018

Between the Lines
Table of Contents
Navigating the Return of the Culture Wars
The Demographic Test
AASCU American Democracy Project Launches Initiative to Help Students Fight Fake News
Millennium Leadership Initiative Celebrates 20 Years of Preparing Diverse Candidates for College Presidencies
Statehouse Advocates Have Key Role in Advancing Opportunities for All
How Can State Colleges and Universities Use Partnerships to Achieve Their Goals?
Higher Education Access and Resources Vital to Immigrants
Presidents & Practices
Currents & Transitions

Spring 2018

Between The Lines
Table of Contents
Champions for Higher Education: Advocates Play Larger Role Than Ever in Boosting Support for Public Colleges and Universities
An Interview with AASCU New President, Dr. Mildred García
On Brand: Strengthening Your Marketing Through AASCU’s National Campaign
The Challenges Ahead for Higher Education
A Specter is Haunting Europe: The General Data Protection Regulation
Taking the First Steps Toward Internationalization
The (New) War on Drugs: Giving Voice To The Complexities Of Opioid Addiction And Campus Responses
Presidents & Practices
Currents and Transitions

Winter 2018

Between The Lines
Table of Contents
Inside Dual Enrollment
Building a Healthy Democracy
Promoting Civic Education, Civic Engagement and Civic Responsibility: A Higher Education Imperative
Places of Public Purpose
Interview with Muriel A. Howard
Opportunities for All l Quick Start Guide
And That One Talent Which Is Death to Hide
Embracing the Role of Fundraiser
Presidents & Practices
Currents & Transitions

Fall 2017

Between the Lines
Table of Contents
The Role Of Department Chairs In Student Success
Path to Success
Managing the Enrollment Crunch
More Than the Bottom Line
Challenges Ahead for Competency-based Education
Opportunities for All in the Digital Age
Utah Valley University’s Dual Education Model:
Presidents & Practices
Currents & Transitions

Summer 2017

Table of Contents
Between The Lines
Leading by Listening
The Erosion of Presidential Tenure
New York Pioneers Free Public College:
Building A Culture of Trust Through Healthy Shared Governance
Report on Teacher Education Looks to the Future
Presidents and Practices
Currents and Transitions

Winter 2017

Table of Contents
Between the Lines
The (Potentially) Messy World of Large Donations
Anatomy of a Successful Grant
The Challenge of Presidential Leadership
Reflections on a Vision:
Right Time for Opportunities for All
Higher Ed in the Age of Trump?
GRC at 50
A Better Formula for Student Success
Currents & Transitions

Fall 2016

Table of Contents
Between The Lines
Engaging Learning Through Student Activism
Diversity of Leadership in Higher Education
Crowdsourcing Solutions to Improving the First Year
American Association of State Colleges and Universities
Optimizing the Federal and Academic Research Partnership
Accreditation in the Policy Crosshairs
Presidents & Practices
Currents & Transitions

Summer 2016

Clinton, Trump, and Higher Ed: Where Washington Goes from Here
Between the Lines
Making the Most of a Moment
A Fondness for FIRSTS
In the Wake of Tragedy: The Critical Role of AASCU Campuses
Opportunities for All
A Horse of a Different Color
Reality Testing, Risk-Taking, and the Legalization of Guns on College Campuses
Presidents & Practices
Currents & Transitions

Spring 2016

Between the Lines
Developing an Active Citizenry Through Student Political Engagement
Playing to Your Strengths
The Opportunity is Now!
Anatomy of a Successful Consolidation: Six Critical and Essential Elements
Food Insecurity in Higher Education
Proposed Pell Bonus
Honoring Service
Presidents & Practices
Currents & Transitions

Winter 2016

Between the Lines
Re-Imagining the First Year of College
Presidents & Practices

Fall 2015

Between the Lines
History’s Lessons
Serving the Public Purpose:
If Not for Pell…
Desperately Seeking Legislative Intentionality
Currents & Transitions

Summer 2015

Between the Lines
Non-Traditional Backgrounds and the Presidency
Staying PUT
Managing Your Enrollment Destiny
Why College Are Flawed on College Value Report Cards
Community Relations and Rural Institutions
A Federal Workforce Agenda
Policymakers and Parents:
Presidents & Practices
Project Degree Completion Snapshot

Spring 2015

The Sustainable Campus
Countering Push
The LGBTQ Presidency

Winter 2015

Sharing Governance
Combatting Sexual Assault on Campus
Lessons in Lively Leadership
A Laser-like Focus on First-Generation Success
Building Your Senior LeadershipTeam
University of the Future Will Be International, High-Touch and High-Tech

Fall 2014

Learning is the Constant, Time is the Variable
Incubating Business
Opportunities for All: Making the Case for AASCU Institutions
Social Media and the Presidency

Summer 2014

Legislators Flex Some Muscle
Students and the Political Process:
AASCU’s Federal/State Partnership Proposal
Snapshot: Project Degree Completion

Spring 2014

Core Values: Making the Case for the Common Core
Getting a Handle on Performance-Based Funding
The Important Work of Keeping Guns Off Campus
EndSights: Celebrating Citizenship

Winter 2014

Designs on the Future
From Combat to the Classroom
Operationalizing Stewardship

Fall 2013

Different Equations
Changing It Up
AASCU Members at Forefront of Providing Online Education
On Leadership

Summer 2013

Leading in Difficult Times
Refining the VSA
AASCU Task Force
Creating Opportunities Through Productivity

Spring 2013

Upping Their Game
The American Democracy Project Celebrates its 10th Anniversary
Negotiating a Consolidation in Higher Education
Helping Underprepared Students Succeed

Winter 2013

Triangulating MOOCs
The Future of Digital Textbooks
Presidents & Practices
Project Degree Completion

Fall 2012

Leading for Students
Breaking Down Roadblocks
Strengthening the Education Continuum to Increase College Readiness
Es El Momento

Summer 2012

Rethinking Revenue
Winds of Change
The President and the Chief Academic Officer
Higher Education as a Catalyst for Regional Transformation

Spring 2012

Finding Their Way to Completion
Staking our claim in research
Building a Culture of Student Success
Prospering Political Front

Winter 2012

Leadership For a New Era of Student Activism
Making the Case for Both
Re-Imagining Undergraduate Education
Empowering Innovation

Fall 2011

Education for All
AASCU's First 50 years
Past and Prologue

Summer 2011

Stewardship in an Era of Constraint
Oh My!
The Presidential Pipeline
Education Information Technology
You Bet!

Spring 2011

Rational Retrenchment
More than Good Manners
Ethics for Presidents
Beyond the Numbers – Dreams & Values
Keeping Students Safe Abroad

Fall 2010

Success for Adult Students
Standing on Tradition:
Highlighting the Needs of Veteran Students on College and University Campuses
Presidents & Practices:
The Second Fiscal Crisis
Making a Difference in the Students We Serve:
H1N1: Ignore at Your Peril

Summer 2009

The Engaged Urban University
Collaboration Between Universities and Community Colleges Offer New Educational Opportunities for Students
Access Denied:

Spring 2009

The Emotional Dimension of Leadership:
Advocating in Tough Times
Talent Management:

Winter 2009

Leadership for Lean Times
Another Inconvenient Truth:
How Exemplary Presidents Lead in Times of Fiscal Turbulance

Fall 2008

Painting a Post-Election Picture:
Hope and History:
Universities Seek the Right Formula for More Math and Science Teachers
Reflections on a Birthday

Summer 2008

Challenges, Opportunities and Traditions
Got Debt?
The Emerging New GI BIll

Spring 2008

Presidential Leadership:
Crickets, Comets, Petroglyphs

Winter 2008

The Ethical Imperative
Presidents and Chancellors Name Top Research Priorities
Innovation and Economic Development

Fall 2007

Truth in Learning
Strategic Focusing:

Summer 2007

The Long Road Back:
Millennium Leadership Initiative:

Spring 2007

Affirming Diversity
Alternative Routes:

Winter 2007

Toward Competitive Coherence