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First generation graduate; California State University, Fullerton

Charles L. Welch, II

November 14, 2023

Charles L. Welch, President of the Arkansas State University System, Named New AASCU President and CEO

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    Member Spotlight
    CSU Pueblo

    Creating a College-Bound Culture for Underserved High School Students

    Colorado State University Pueblo

    To make higher education more accessible, this university partnered with area school districts to create University Track Centers that helped high school students from communities of color as well as first-generation students negotiate the application process and increase enrollment in colleges and universities.

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    Amplifying Postsecondary Accessibility at CSU Pueblo  
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    high school students received help from the UTCs in 2020-2021 despite the pandemic


    FAFSA completion in one of the most rural schools in one district in 2020-2021

    An increase 

    in 2021-2022 applications to CSU Pueblo from the area of Pueblo County where the four original UTCs are located