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AASCU state colleges and universities prepare the new majority to realize – and redefine – the American Dream. AASCU supports the efforts of regional public universities to make student success equitable and inclusive of first-generation college students, students of color, and students from low-income families.

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Graduation at San Deigo State University.
San Diego State University

Our student success programs promote transformational education and institutional achievement.

We understand the unique challenges regional public universities face. Our collaborative programs equip institutions to develop timely, flexible interventions that suit their diverse student bodies.

A multi-year experience for institutions striving to accelerate equitable student success.

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Learn tactical ways to lead institutional transformation for equitable student success.

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AASCU supports our members as they prepare the teachers who prepare our students for success in college.

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A consortium redesigning the transfer process from two-year to four-year institutions.

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Results that deliver on America’s promise.

AASCU institutions are building inclusivity, fostering diversity, and serving the underrepresented so that anyone striving to reach their highest potential can succeed – in and beyond college.


AASCU’s Student Success Equity Initiative cohort talks about plans for transforming policies that inhibit student success.


in direct grant support goes to 77 AASCU member campuses to support student success.


students are served by the first three cohort institutions of the Student Success Equity Intensive.


institutions (plus one system) comprise the first three cohorts of the Student Success Equity Intensive.


“I couldn’t have had better student success thought partners than with the staff at AASCU. They know how to create community and safe spaces where my colleagues and I could talk openly and frankly about the challenges we face in our institutional transformation work, and they pushed my thinking and supported me as I developed new frameworks that I was struggling to articulate. My relationship with AASCU has enabled me to gain more confidence in myself as a student success leader, and they’ve lifted my work and the work of my colleagues up in so many impactful ways.”

Jonikka Charlton

Associate Provost of Student Success and Dean of University College
The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

“The Frontier Set (FS) allowed several student success practitioners like me to find a community of like-minded individuals with the same interest in education. With the support of our intermediary at AASCU, we have become a student-center institution committed to the equitable improvement of the education of our students. The FS was not only an institutional transformational experience but also a personal one.”

Leo Pignataro

Executive Academic Officer of Student Success
City University of New York, College of Staten Island

“It has been a privilege to lead CSI’s participation in the “Frontier Set.” This project catalyzed dramatic changes at CSI that involved large-scale reforms in workflow, advising, student policies, curriculum, and instruction. At this point. the student experience is at the center of all conversations and our focus is on continuously working toward equity in student outcomes.”

Ralf Peetz

Associate Provost/AVP, Undergraduate Studies and Student Success Interim Dean of Science and Technology
College of Staten Island, City College of New York
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