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The Grants Resource Center (GRC), a premium service of the American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU), strengthens the competitive edge of colleges and universities pursuing public and private funding opportunities. GRC membership is open to all public and private colleges and universities offering four-year and graduate degrees. We encourage AASCU institutions to optimize their AASCU membership with a GRC subscription.

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Funding Expertise. Personally Delivered.

Our actionable resources support higher education institutions at the pre-award stage of the grantsmanship process.

GRC members can quickly identify funding opportunities, meet specific campus needs, and build a network of sponsored programs professionals.


News and Information

Get federal and private funding alerts, federal meeting coverage, and successful proposal development guidance.


Use customizable filters to search through more than 1,500 federal and private higher education-focused funding opportunities.

Grant Resources

Find strategic insights and reliable context about the agencies and organizations providing higher education funding opportunities. 

Proposal Development

Leverage examples of successful grant proposals, funding webinars, and tailored support to identify and secure best-fit funding opportunities. 

Our targeted advocacy and expertise help members navigate higher education funding opportunities.  

GRC works with sponsored programs officers and faculty to support campus grant-seeking best practices and create opportunities for members to connect with program officers, successful awardees, and experienced peers.


Our virtual and Washington-based conferences give GRC members access to vital guidance and engagements, including:

  • Federal budget and funding forecasts from national experts 
  • Administrative perspectives on the grant-making process
  • Timely updates on program initiatives and regulations
  • Focused analysis of urgent or time-sensitive topics that are member priorities  
  • Numerous opportunities for networking with colleagues and funding agency officers

Our team is laser-focused on helping college and university faculty and staff secure more grants.

Our staff and advisory board work closely together to provide members with timely and relevant information, leveraging our funding expertise and on-the-ground connections in Washington to enhance member effectiveness.

Meet the team.

GRC Members

GRC member institutions span the U.S. and U.S. territories, from under 5,000 to over 10,000 FTE.

Our members use our personalized and comprehensive resources to secure more competitive funding from federal and private sponsors.

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    “Elizabeth City State University (ECSU) has been a member of GRC for almost 20 years. The resources they provide to our faculty has been invaluable. We depend upon their materials and timely information on agency funding priorities. The GRC staff are always available to address last minute requests and offer guidance. They are a great group of professionals to work with!”

    Annemarie Delgado

    Director of Sponsored Programs, Contracts & Grants, Office of Sponsored Programs
    Elizabeth City State University (NC)

    “The GRC has given us a competitive edge in seeking and securing funding for our research enterprise.”

    Carl A. Fox

    Chief Research Administration Officer
    University of Wisconsin—Whitewater

    “For more than 20 years, before I retired from a medium-size private college, GRC was my primary resource for grant opportunities, proven pre-award practices, experienced and generous colleagues from across the US, and meetings with Program Officers to learn about both emerging and evolving federal opportunities. GRC has the most knowledgeable and dedicated staff, always there for whatever you might need. If you do nothing else, become a GRC member!”

    Linda L. Marston, PhD

    GRC Emeritus Member
    Recorded Funding Webinars
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    Jul. 13, 2023


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    GRC OVW Webinar on New Initiative for HSIs, HBCUs, and TCUs

    Oct. 22, 2022


    GRC ED International Programs Funding

    Apr. 13, 2022


    GRC Membership

    Through the following benefits, GRC members secure more competitive grants from federal and private sponsors:  

    • Streamlined identification of viable funding opportunities through GrantSearch©, AASCU’s proprietary higher education funding search engine 
    • Dedicated in-person and virtual support during the grant-seeking process from GRC staff
    • Opportunities to learn from program officers, successful awardees, and experienced peers
    • Tailored, timely resources, including GRC publications and social media platforms
    • Ongoing monitoring of legislation impacting higher education grant-seeking
    • Advocacy for increased federal agency responsiveness to GRC members 

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    Get answers to frequently asked questions about the Grants Resource Center.  

    GRC membership is separate from AASCU membership. Non-AASCU members are welcome to become GRC members, and current AASCU members can join for an additional cost. 

    GRC membership includes the following amenities:

    • Access to GrantSearch©, AASCU’s proprietary higher education funding search engine with over 1,500 opportunities
    • Access to a funded proposal library with over 100 proposals from federal and private sponsors
    • Subscriptions to recurring newsletters containing relevant updates about grant-seeking policies, best practices, and deadlines 
    • Opportunities to network with colleagues, program officers, successful awardees, and experienced peers

    Individuals may not obtain membership. GRC membership is typically coordinated through the sponsored programs/research office and is open to all public and private higher education institutions offering four-year and graduate degrees. Prospective GRC members can request a month-long trial.

    Contact us to learn more about GRC membership.

    GRC members can access our comprehensive newsletters covering the following higher education grant-related information:

    • Bulletin: twice-weekly digest of, Federal Register, and Contract Opportunities notices relevant to higher education
    • GrantWeek: weekly electronic news magazine that analyzes federal legislation, agency policies, and best practices in research administration 
    • Deadlines: monthly funding opportunity alert that provides 90 days’ notice of federal and private application deadlines  
    Access our newsletters.

    GRC members can use GrantSearch©, AASCU’s proprietary search engine, to identify annually recurring grant opportunities. GRC members are also able to contact GRC staff for federal and private funding advice, funding search assistance, create personalized funding opportunity alerts, and access a funded proposal library.

    Secure more grants.

    GRC provides members with comprehensive federal agency fact sheets to enhance their competitive edge along with a library of current campus policies and best practices to inform a wide range of funding issues, including intellectual property and research ethics.  

    Develop grant-seeking best practices.

    GRC does not assist with writing proposals. However, GRC members can access a library of successful grant proposals and archived webinars to support the development of effective funding proposals. GRC can also connect faculty and staff with program officers.