Transforming at Scale

How AASCU’s Student Success Equity Intensive Promotes Equitable Postsecondary Value

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As students enrolling in higher education are increasingly diverse, it is crucial that postsecondary institutions take responsibility in the upward mobility for all students.

This paper seeks to explore how AASCU’s Student Success Equity Intensive (SSEI) contributes to delivery of equitable postsecondary value through institutional transformation by answering these questions:

  1. What institutional capacities are perceived as crucial (or of highest need) at institutions participating in SSEI to close equity gaps for Black, Latinx, Indigenous, and low-income students?
  2. How do student economic outcomes and Equitable Value Explorer (EVE) thresholds at SSEI-participating institutions compare? What variance do we see among minority-serving institutions (MSIs) that are SSEI participants?
  3. What are the implications based on institutional capacities, student outcomes, and economic returns to improving equitable student success at regional comprehensive universities? In what ways can participation in SSEI increase an institution’s capacity for equitable delivery of postsecondary value?

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Student Success Equity Intensive.

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