Christina Kwauk

Research Director

Unbounded Associates
Christina Kwauk

Christina Kwauk is a social scientist with an interdisciplinary focus on education for climate action. She is an expert on girls’ education in developing countries, 21st century skills and youth empowerment, and the intersections of gender, education, and climate change.

Kwauk co-edited Curriculum and Learning for Climate Action: Toward an SDG 4.7 Roadmap for Systems Change and co-authored What Works in Girls’ Education: Evidence for the World’s Best Investment. She has published numerous policy papers, including “The New Green Learning Agenda: Approaches to Quality Education for Climate Empowerment,” as well as academic articles on topics in climate change education, gender, health, and international development and education.

Kwauk works as an education consultant and is research director at Unbounded Associates. She also serves on the Cosmos of Stars for RegenIntel, Girl Rising’s Advisory Council, the International Jury for the UNESCO Prize for Girls’ and Women’s Education, and the Judging Academy for the World’s Best School Prizes.