Jessica Traylor

Assistant Professor and Human Services Internship Coordinator

Gordon State College (GA)
Jessica Traylor

Jessica Traylor, an assistant professor of psychology at Gordon State College (GA), has distinguished herself in academia since transitioning to higher education in 2014. A recipient of several EDGE awards and two-time Professor of the Year, her nearly two-decade tenure as a school psychologist profoundly informs her approach to teaching and student engagement, particularly in addressing the challenges of COVID learning loss.

As the human services internship coordinator, Traylor applies her experience to mentor future professionals. Her research, presented at international and national conferences, focuses on deliberative dialogue, community resilience, and the impact of these on student learning. Additionally, she is co-authoring a second book chapter on the innovative use of young adult fiction in education.

In her teaching, Traylor employs deliberative pedagogy, emphasizing a democratic, active, and collaborative learning environment. Her courses, including Psychology of Adjustment, Human Growth & Development, and Research Methods, reflect this commitment. Beyond academia, Traylor’s certifications as a yoga instructor, holistic nutrition coach, therapeutic drumming instructor, and Hellenistic astrologer contribute to her holistic understanding of human wellness across cultures.