Bernadette T. Muscat

Dean of Undergraduate Studies

California State University, Fresno
T Muscat

Bernadette T. Muscat is the dean of Undergraduate Studies at California State University, Fresno and is involved in several student success initiatives throughout the university including access to the university and courses, retention efforts including increasing a sense of belonging, timely graduation, and post-graduation success in the pursuit of graduate degrees and/or in career placement. In addition, Muscat works on accreditation, curriculum development, enrollment management, pathway programs with K–16 partners and post-baccalaureate education, and program review. She works collaboratively across campus to encourage both faculty and students to engage in high-impact practices including service learning, internships, supplemental instruction, project-based learning, and study abroad. She is a leader and advocate for the use of data for administrative decision-making, course scheduling, and student success. She is an invited speaker within the California State University system and nationwide on data-driven decision-making, particularly as it pertains to student access, retention, graduation, and success.