• ADP Civic Fellows 2022-2023

    ADP Civic Fellows explore assessment, research, and programmatic efforts that enact and support ADP’s mission and national work during a one or two-year renewable terms. ADP invites applicants for this opportunity designed to give professionals/scholars in our network a national platform to develop their research and programmatic ideas that correlate with ongoing or work to develop new ADP initiatives on a national scale.

    ADP Civic Fellows receive support from the ADP national office in the form of programmatic opportunities (e.g., webinars, conference presentations), publication opportunities (e.g., blog posts, monographs, reports and journal articles), and leadership opportunities (e.g., serving on steering committee and/or appropriate initiative and/or network teams). ADP Civic Fellows will be part of a cohort experience and will work closely with our director and steering committee to design and advance ADP national initiatives.

    If you are interested in being a Civic Fellow, please fill out this application (attaching necessary materials) and contact Cathy Copeland, ADP Director, to alert her to your submission.

    Each Fellow is expected to:

    • Provide the following information to the ADP Director:

      • A one-page proposal delineating the focus of your Civic Fellowship, including where ADP can assist you and your intended timeline and outcomes;
      • Specify a one-or two-year appointment (both types are renewable);
      • An overview report and an updated proposal at the halfway mark of your term, delineating your progress;
      • A final report at the conclusion of your term, which can be leveraged to re-start the Civic Fellowship;
      • Updates to the Steering Committee and the larger ADP community about your project as needed.

    • Participate in quarterly calls with the ADP Director and AVP (some calls may be with the full group of Civic Fellows, others may be separate).

    • Participate in the ADP Steering Committee as an ex officio member during your term.

    If you are interested in joining as a team to be in the Civic Fellow program, the only modification would be that you ask one member of your team to be the Steering Committee ex officio member. All reports that you provide would be as a team and quarterly calls would ideally include the full team.

    2022-23 Civic Fellows

    Sept. 20, 2022 Press Release

    Shannon Calderone
    Assistant Professor, Educational Leadership
    Washington State University Tri-Cities

    Nathan Carpenter
    Director of Convergent Media, School of Communication
    Illinois State University

    Paul Cook
    Professor of English
    Indiana University Kokomo

    Byron Craig
    Assistant Professor, School of Communication
    Illinois State University

    Kara Dillard
    Assistant Professor, School of Communication Studies
    James Madison University (Va.) and Co-Director of the Institute for Constructive Advocacy and Dialogue

    Steven Elliott-Gower
    Associate Professor of Political Science
    Georgia College

    Steven Granich
    Associate Professor, Social Work and Counseling Department
    Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania

    Stephen Hunt
    Professor and Director, School of Communication
    Illinois State University

    Steven Jones
    Associate Professor of Political Science
    Georgia Gwinnett College

    J. Scott Jordan
    Cognitive Psychologist and Chair of the Department of Psychology
    Illinois State University

    Julie Lester
    Professor, Political Science
    Middle Georgia State University

    Gérard Martorell
    Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship
    Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania

    Erin O’Hanlon
    Coordinator of Service-Learning
    Stockton University (N.J.)

    Chapman Rackaway
    Professor and Chair, Political Science
    Radford University (Va.)

    Allison Rank
    Associate Professor and Chair, Political Science
    State University of New York at Oswego

    Ryan Salzman
    Associate Professor of Political Science
    Northern Kentucky University

    Kim Schmidl-Gagne
    Program Manager for Accreditation Processes and for Diversity and Multicultural Student Initiatives
    Keene State College (N.H.)