Public Purpose Magazine, Spring 2008
Public Purpose Cover Spring 2008

Presidential Leadership:Understanding the Influence of Academic DisciplinesBy Peggy Ann Brown
It’s easy to forget, amidst the perceived ivory tower of administrative offices, that top university administrators were once students themselves. With more than three-quarters of today’s presidents and chancellors holding doctorates that span the curriculum, it’s no wonder that this graduate training laid the foundation on which these scholars built their administrative careers.

Crickets, Comets, PetroglyphsThe Role of Basic Research at AASCU InstitutionsBy Stephen Pelletier
When it comes to recognition for basic research, the spotlight always seems to shine on the same handful of large, high-profile universities. But scores of other institutions also create basic knowledge, and although their contributions may not be as well known (or as well funded), they are no less significant. 

Endsights:The Culture of SustainabilityBy Linda Bunnell
Sustainability has become a hot topic on campuses across the nation. As universities struggle to balance the responsibility to be role models for environmental sustainability with obligations to keep costs contained, it is imperative we consistently measure our efforts against our values and mission.