Aug. 8, 2024
3:00PM-4:30PM ET

Bridge-building Resources to Help Campuses Prepare for a Challenging Fall

Join our panel and mini-training on August 8 to learn from organizations specializing in dialogue across differences. Equip your campus with the tools needed to navigate the 2024 election season effectively.

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Enhance campus dialogue as you prepare for 2024 elections.

Join us for a panel and mini-training on August 8th, featuring leading organizations such as Essential Partners, Sustained Dialogue Institute, Interactivity Foundation, and Unify America. Through this workshop you will explore crucial strategies for fostering dialogue across differences, preparing your campus community for the 2024 elections.

In this non-partisan initiative you will discover how engaging with diverse perspectives can enhance students’ critical thinking and civic engagement. You won’t want to miss this excellent opportunity to learn to cultivate a culture of constructive dialogue amidst differing viewpoints, which is vital for a thriving democratic environment.

Who should participate?

  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Administrators
  • Librarians

How will you benefit?

  • Develop skills for effective dialogue strategies crucial for navigating diverse perspectives
  • Gain valuable tools and knowledge essential for effective civic engagement and democratic participation
  • Foster a more inclusive campus climate by enhancing dialogue across differences
  • Connect with colleagues to build a culture voter education and engagement on campus
Program Highlights

Each organization will provide a concise five-minute overview of their impactful work in fostering non-partisan dialogue across differences. Following these introductions, participants will engage in interactive breakout sessions for 20-30 minutes, providing hands-on learning opportunities. These sessions will include mini-trainings or demonstrations of effective dialogue processes, aimed at equipping attendees with practical tools and actionable ideas for fostering constructive conversations on their campuses. We will repeat the breakout sessions, allowing participants to interact with two different organizations, maximizing their learning and engagement.

Confirmed Organizations
  • Essential Partners: Founded in 1989, Essential Partners (EP) helps people build relationships across differences to address their communities’ most pressing challenges. On campuses and in classrooms, EP’s research-based approach to depolarization, Reflective Structured Dialogue, equips people to engage in authentic, constructive, courageous conversations about differing perspectives and divisive issues.
  • Sustained Dialogue Institute’s Campus Network: Sustained Dialogue is a unique initiative that brings together students (and sometimes faculty and staff) who wouldn’t usually cross paths to talk about issues they might shy away from. It provides the necessary conditions for open discussions.
  • Interactivity Foundation’s Collaborative Discussion Project: In May 2021, the Interactivity Foundation launched the Collaborative Discussion Project in partnership with a team of dialogue and deliberation experts, practitioners, and educators. The project includes an open access toolkit containing over 60 ready-to-use, interactive, learning activities designed to support creative, critical, culturally responsive, and civic collaboration skills.
  • Unify America: Unify America is a national nonprofit on a mission to replace political fighting with collaborative problem solving. We build virtual interactive experiences to help students bust out of their bubbles, build civic muscles, and work together to tackle our country’s biggest challenges.

Additional organizations will be added as they are confirmed.

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