John Patrick Walsh

John Patrick Walsh, AASCU’s director of federal relations and policy analysis, has a wide range of experience in governm…

Erika Thompson

Erika Thompson is the director of the Grants Resource Center (GRC), a premium service of AASCU. Thompson’s tenure at GRC…

Kathleen Scott

Kathleen oversees AASCU’s portfolio of leadership development programs, conferences and philanthropic and corporate part…

Melissa Rivas

Melissa Rivas is the director of student success and coaching at AASCU. She previously served as associate director for…

Felice Nudelman

In February 2021, Felice Nudelman assumed the role of associate vice president of academic innovation and transformation…

Minh Nguyen

Minh Nguyen Minh Nguyen Director of IT Infrastructure Services AASCU

Karusha Naidoo

Karusha Naidoo Karusha Naidoo Director of Leadership Development and Millennium Leadership Initiative AASCU

Kenneth McDonald

Kenneth McDonald Kenneth McDonald Program Associate of Grants Resource Center AASCU

Liz Martin

Liz Martin Liz Martin Creative Director of Print and Digital Media AASCU

Luis Maldonado

Luis Maldonado was appointed vice president for government relations and policy analysis at AASCU effective July 8, 2019…