Resources for Navigating Tense Times on Campus

Pulse Check Conversation Amid Tense Times on Campus

Early in May, AASCU held its first pulse check conversation, allowing presidents and chancellors to discuss and share insights into campus-related activities. The discussion focused on navigating tense times on campus, with several presidents acknowledging the importance of building social capital with on-campus and community leaders. Participants also shared references and resources to encourage civic and civil discourse. 

Resources Shared
  • AASCU’s American Democracy Project (ADP)
  • PEN America’s Campus Free Speech Guide (including case studies re: protests on campus)
  • Middle Tennessee State University Free Speech Center
  • Kean University Wellness Center
  • Constructive Dialogue Institute provides training and resources for staff, faculty and student leaders to facilitate difficult conversations – in and out of the classroom.
  • Interfaith America collaborates with universities to develop curriculum resources and training programs that promote interfaith understanding and engagement among students. Their Talk Better Together campaign empowers students of diverse religious and non-religious backgrounds to organize events and projects promoting interfaith dialogue and cooperation on college campuses nationwide
  • Institute for Citizens and Scholars and Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley offer resources that can be integrated into curricula to support students’ well-being and prepare them for civic life, promoting critical thinking and social responsibility among university students.
  • The Witness Institute draws on the legacy and teachings of Elie Wiesel. The WitnessToolkit training facilitates meaningful discussions, promotes empathy and understanding, and empowers individuals to become more reflective, compassionate, and courageous, encouraging participants to bring their questions, engage in honest open sharing, and explore ways to build a more compassionate and courageous society.
  • Project Pericles encourages universities to integrate civic responsibility into the curriculum through project-based learning and community engagement initiatives. They provide curricular resources and support for faculty to embed civic engagement into their teaching practices.
  • BridgeUSA facilitates student-led initiatives that encourage constructive dialogue and bridge-building across ideological divides. They support a network of student organizations across college campuses, providing resources, training, and frameworks to help students create events that foster open and respectful discussions on challenging topics.