Jeff Menzise

Doctor of Clinical Psychology

Morgan State University (MD)
Jeff Menzise

Jeff Menzise received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Fisk University (TN) in psychology and clinical psychology, respectively. He then attended Howard University (DC), majoring in clinical psychology with a minor in developmental psychology. Menzise also earned a graduate certificate in international studies with a concentration in political science and information and culture.

Menzise is active globally and locally, working with Ministries of Education in both the Caribbean and West Africa, providing workshops and professional development for teachers, administrators, families, students, and mental health staff. He hosted a community forum with Taraji P. Henson, at her inaugural “Can We Talk?” conference. He also serves on the Clinical Advisory Council of her foundation, the Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation.

Menzise has presented papers and workshops around the world, authoring 10 books, numerous articles, and several “Issue Guides” for the Kettering Foundation as a public scholar. He currently edits The Phylaxis, a Masonic research magazine published by The Phylaxis Society.