AASCU’s International Education Week 

AASCU’s International Education Week is a collaborative initiative between AASCU, its members and partners, in an effort to highlight and promote programs that prepare students for a global environment.

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International Education Week

Highlight your institutions’ programs and initiatives by participating in AASCU’s International Education Week.

During International Education Week each year, join our virtual programming, as we focus on highlighting initiatives and partners assisting AASCU institutions in developing innovative programs and sustainable partnerships that build institutional capacity in the areas of student success, global diplomacy, and comprehensive internationalization. The week’s activities feature faculty, staff and students from AASCU institutions whose campuses are doing innovative and exemplary work in these areas.

Who should participate?

  • Presidents
  • Provosts
  • Faculty
  • Staff/Administrators

How will you benefit?

  • Timely Updates: International Education Week provides participants with the latest information and insights on contemporary issues and trends in international education, ensuring they stay informed and connected to the ever-evolving landscape.
  • Global Dialogue: The events allows for meaningful dialogue and discussions with colleagues from both domestic and international backgrounds who share similar interests and concerns in the field of international education. This exchange of ideas can lead to valuable collaborations and partnerships.
  • Resources: Benefit from access to a wide range of resources specifically designed to enhance international education efforts on individual campuses. These resources may include strategies, case studies, and practical tips to improve program development, student support, and institutional engagement.
  • Best Practices Toolkits: Participants are provided with ready-to-use toolkits that contain best practices and proven approaches for real-time application in their own educational settings. These toolkits serve as practical guides to optimize international education programs and maximize their impact.
  • Showcase Success: International Education Week provides a platform to showcase successful programs and initiatives implemented on individual campuses. Participants have the opportunity to share their achievements and best practices, gaining recognition and inspiring others to replicate or adapt these successful models.
  • Collaboration and Partnership: The event facilitates collaboration and networking with colleagues across the membership of AASCU. Participants can connect with peers from different institutions, foster new partnerships, and explore opportunities for joint initiatives, research projects, or knowledge exchange.

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International Education Week

2023 International Education Week

Nov. 13-17, 2023

A week of virtual events


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2022 International Education Week

Nov. 14-18, 2022


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