• American Short-Term Study in China Initiative

    Scholarship Description

    The American Short-Term Study in China Initiative (ASSCI) is offered by the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the United States in cooperation with the American Council on Education (ACE) and AASCU.

    ASSCI offers scholarships to students enrolled at American institutions with either pre-existing or newly developed study abroad programs in China. Funding proposals must be submitted by leading faculty, the director of study abroad office or an administrator of similar or higher rank at the American institution. The study abroad program must be a joint effort with a Chinese institution that is recognized by the China Scholarship Council (CSC). (View the list of CSC institutions.)

    Scholarship Details

    ASSCI scholarships will cover the following expenses for each participating student:

    • Tuition at the Chinese institution
    • On-campus accommodation
    • Health insurance
    • Monthly stipend (2500 CNY for undergraduates, 3000 CNY for master’s students, 3500 CNY for doctoral students)

    The scholarship does NOT cover:

    • Tuition at the American institution
    • International airfare
    • Chinese visa application fees

    Scholarship Eligibility

    To be considered for this institutional award, programs must satisfy the following requirements:

    • Is co-designed and co-taught with the Chinese partner institution, with at least 50% of the content delivered by the Chinese partner
    • Is offered for academic credit that is transferable to the American university
    • Runs no less than four weeks and no longer than one academic year
    • Has at least six registered students from the American institution

    There is a maximum of 30 awards per program.

    Proposal Criteria

    The committee will use several criteria to review applications:

    • Clarity of learning goals and the extent to which program’s activities contribute to those goals
    • Faculty leadership at the American institution
    • Extent to which the program uses the Chinese partner’s resources, such as academic strengths, location in China and connections outside the institution
    • How much the program involves students from the Chinese partner institution

    Proposal Submission Guidelines

    Please complete the Proposal Form along with any necessary additional documentation and required signatures (see the Institutional Approval Form). 

    Proposals will be accepted on a rolling basis. Submitted proposals will be reviewed and rated by a committee comprising representatives from the embassy, ACE and AASCU. Once an American institution has received notification of its successful application, participating students will need to complete individual scholarship applications on the CSC website.


    Contact information:
    Sufei Li at lis@aascu.org for application-related questions.
    Cancan Yang at yangcancan@sino-education.org for scholarship award questions.


    • Sufei Li
      Manager, International Programs
      (202) 478-7823
    • Jody Dixon
      Program Coordinator, Global Initiatives
      (202) 478-7814