September 15, 2023

Statement by AASCU President Mildred García on Federal District Court DACA Ruling

Kellee Edmonds
(202) 478-4662

WASHINGTON (September 15, 2023) – The leadership of the American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU) is extremely disappointed in the decision by the Federal District Court judge in Texas who ruled that former President Barack Obama exceeded his authority when the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program was created in 2012.

“DACA has protected from deportation more than 800,000 undocumented youths who have become important cornerstones of economic and social development in countless American communities,” said AASCU President Mildred García. “Congress’ failure to approve the DREAM Act more than 20 years ago, and counting, necessitated that Obama take bold, lawful executive action to protect and support these innocent individuals who were brought to the United States by no fault of their own. DACA recipients, and all eligible Dreamers, are American in every sense of the word and must be safeguarded and supported.”

It is reported that 580,000 individuals are DACA recipients, many of them are or have been students at AASCU institutions. They currently serve in our armed forces, pay taxes, and hold countless important positions in our communities including teachers, counselors, lawyers, and nurses, among other occupations. They must be allowed to continue to live productive, safe, and fulfilling lives in the only country they have truly known.

AASCU continues to unequivocally support the DACA program and passage of the DREAM Act. We call on Congress to strengthen our economy through the enactment of this important legislation and ask that federal student financial aid be also extended to all Dreamers and DACA recipients.


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