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Additional letters regarding COVID-19 and its impact on higher education can be found on AASCU’s Coronavirus Resources Page.

117th CONGRESS - January 3, 2021 – January 3, 2023
09/12/22Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Sex in Education Programs or Activities Receiving Federal Financial Assistance 
07/18/22Coalition Letter to the Senate in Support of Increased Appropriations for the Postsecondary Student Success Grants 
06/23/22Community Letter in support of "Ensuring the Best Schools for Veterans Act of 2022" 
06/13/22Community Letter to Senate Judiciary Committee in Support of DACA and International Students 
05/02/22College Transparency Act in USICA-COMPETES (S.1260/H.R.4521) Reconciliation 
04/13/22Letter to Congress on Student Mental Health Legislation 
03/22/22Community Letter on S.1260 U.S. Innovation and Competition Act and H.R.4521 America COMPETES Act of 2022 
03/15/22Letter to the House of Representatives on the Department of Veterans Affairs’ 85-15 Ratio Policy Reset and Changes to the 35% Exemption 
03/14/22Community Letter to Provide Temporary License Reciprocity for Practitioners for In-Person or Telehealth Visits During National Emergencies - TREAT Act 
02/28/22Community Letter to the Departments of State and Homeland Security Requesting Flexibility and Support for Ukrainian Students and Scholars in the United States 
02/28/22Community Comments for the State Department’s Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) Regarding Increased Visa Fees 
02/23/22Community Letter to President Joe Biden on FY 2023 Budget Request to Congress in Support of the Creation of a New College Retention and Completion Grant Program 
02/11/22Community comments to the Department of Justice’s Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on the clarification and modernization of the implementing regulations for the Foreign Agents Registration Act 
02/08/22CUPA-HR Letter Seeking Meetings in Advance of Proposed NPRM on the FLSA Overtime Rule 
02/03/22Double Pell Alliance Letter to Congress Requesting Increased Investment 
11/29/21Community Comment Letter to U.S. Department of Homeland Security on Proposed Regulations on the DACA Program 
11/18/21Community Letter to House and Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committees on the REMOTE Act and the Need to Improve the Reworked ‘Rounding Out’ Rule 
11/17/21Community Letter to Secretary Cardona on Restarting Loan Repayments and the Transition Period 
11/01/21Community Letter to Department of State on Visa Flexibility for Afghan Students 
10/28/21Community Letter to House and Senate Veterans Affairs Committees on Technical Corrections to Recent Isakson Roe Legislation 
10/14/21Community Letter to the White House and CDC on the Upcoming Changes to U.S. Travel Policy for International Travelers and Vaccinations 
09/23/21Community Letter to Congress to Assist Students and Scholars Displaced by the Crisis in Afghanistan 
09/23/21Community Letter to Leadership of the U.S. House of Representatives on the Repeal of the Taxability of Pell Grant Aid in Reconciliation 
09/22/21Community Letter to Senate Finance Committee on the Repeal of the Taxability of Pell Grant Aid in Reconciliation 
09/21/21AASCU-APLU-SHEEO Letter to House and Senate Education Committee Leadership on College Retention and Completion Fund  
09/09/21Community Letter to House Education and Labor Committee Leaders on Proposed Reconciliation Bill  
09/07/21Community Letter on Possible House Senate Conference for the U.S. Innovation and Competition Act 
09/03/21Community Letter to House Ways and Means Committee on the Repeal of Taxability of Pell Grants 
08/23/21Community Letter to Department of Education on Higher Education Emergency Relief Funds Proposed Reporting Requirements 
08/09/21Community Letter to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services on I9 Flexibility Guidances 
08/02/21Letter Supporting College Completion Funds 
08/02/21Joint Statement Regarding Dangerous Restrictions by States on COVID-19 Public Health Measures 
07/20/21Community Letter to Departments of State and Homeland Security Regarding the National Interest Exemption (NIE) to the COVID-19 Travel Restrictions 
07/16/21Community Letter to Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona Regarding the Resumption of Student Loan 
07/14/21Community Letter to House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs Regarding Implementation Concerns with Several Provisions of the Isakson Roe Act 
07/14/21Community Letter in Support of House of Representatives Appropriations Committee’s Labor-HHS-Education Bill 
07/01/21Community Submission on Comments to the Department of Education’s Request for Title IV Negotiated Rulemaking Topics 
06/15/21Joint AASCU, APLU, SHEEO Infrastructure Proposal for Public Four-Year Colleges and Universities 
06/14/21Higher Education Tax Proposals to Support Students and Institutions in the American Jobs and American Families Plans Legislation 
06/10/21Community Letter to U.S. State Department Requesting Removal of Immigration and Customs Enforcement ICE Directive on International Students from July 16, 2020 
06/04/21AASCU Joins Community Letter on the Improving Mental Health Access for Students Act 
06/02/21COVID College Vaccination Challenge - One Pager 
06/02/21COVID-19 College Vaccination Challenge - Digital Toolkit 
06/01/21CUPA-HR Higher Education Comments for Determining Prevailing Wage Levels 
05/24/21Community Letter Against Senator Rubio’s Proposed Amendment 
05/19/21Community Letter to Senate Leaders on Free Speech Amendment  
05/11/21AASCU Statement on Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund III Emergency Aid and Guidance 
04/27/21AASCU Joins Community Letter in Support of Title VI and the Advancing International and Foreign Language Education Act  
04/14/21Community Letter in Support of James Kvaal’s Nomination 
04/13/21AASCU Joins Statement on Voting Rights by Higher Education Organizations 
04/01/21AASCU-AACC-APLU Letter to Department of Education on Stimulus Funds MOE Language and Waivers 
03/18/21Community Letter to the Departments of State and Homeland Security on Ways to Assist International Students Return to Campus 
116th CONGRESS - January 3, 2019 – January 3, 2021
12/02/20Community’s Letter to Congress on the Financial Impact of the Pandemic on Institutions of Higher Education—December 2020  
12/01/20Community Response to the Request for Information Regarding the Sept. 22 Executive Order 13950 on “Combating Race and Sex Stereotyping”  
11/20/20Community letter to President-elect Joe Biden that identifies executive branch actions we would like to see addressed by the incoming administration 
11/20/20Community letter to Secretary DeVos urging an extension of the current suspension of payment and 0% interest for federal student loan borrowers, as well as the suspension of collections on defaulted loans 
07/29/20Community Letter to Congress in Support of the “SAFE TO WORK Act,” to Provide Temporary and Targeted Liability Protections Related to the COVID-19 Pandemic 
07/29/20Community Letter to Senate Requesting Extension of the Student Loan Debt Relief Provisions  
07/22/20Community Letter to U.S. Department of State to Request Briefing on Status on the Removal of 2020 Presidential Proclamation 10043 Concerning Chinese Students and Researchers 
07/22/20Community Letter to DHS Seeking Clarity Regarding the Status of Incoming International Students 
07/20/20AASCU Joins Public IHE Associations in Letter to Congress on Public Benefits in the Fifth Supplemental Bill 
07/10/20Community Letter to the Department of Homeland Security on ICE Guidance from July 6, 2020 on International Students 
07/02/20Community Letter to Senate HELP Committee on Reopening Costs for Institutions – Fall 2020 
06/01/20Community letter regarding CARES Act Emergency Unemployment Relief Funding 
05/29/20Community Letter to the Senate on 5th Supplemental Request for IHEs and students 
05/22/20Letter to Federal Reserve and Treasury on nonprofit facility for Main Street Lending Program 
05/05/20Community endorsement of the American Opportunity Student Tax Relief Act of 2020 
04/30/20ED Announces CARES Act Funding for MSIs and IHEs With Greatest Unmet Need  
04/23/20Community request to Congress to change the mid-sized loan programs in the CARES Act 
04/23/20Community request to Congress to changes the SBA programs created under the CARES Act, specifically, the PPA  
04/16/20Community Comments to the Federal Reserve for Guidance on the Main Street Lending Program 
04/14/20Community letter in support of the Senate Student-Veteran Coronavirus Response Act 
04/09/20Higher Education Community Tax Proposals to Congress in Support of Students and Institutions—Phase 4 COVID-19 Legislation 
04/08/20Request for Guidance from State Department: COVID-19 and International Students 
04/01/20Preliminary Analysis of Funding Estimates Under CARES Act 2020 
04/01/20Description of Formula Used for Funding Analysis Estimates 
03/27/20Statement from AASCU President Mildred García, Ed.D., on passage of Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act 
03/24/20Higher ed community letter to Secretary DeVos on the proposed rulemaking on Title IX 
03/24/20Higher ed community letter to Secretary Devos requesting regulatory relief during pandemic 
01/16/20Coalition letter to Senator Elizabeth Warren D-MA in support of the AIM-HIGH Act 
12/23/19Coalition letter to UCCIS re: Immigration and Naturalization Benefit Request Fees 
12/17/19Coalition letter to the U.S. Department of Education re: Foreign Gifts and Contracts Disclosure 
12/09/19Coalition letter to House Ways and Means and Senate Finance leadership re: Kiddie Tax Scholarship Fix, Extension of Tuition Deduction and Repeal of Parking Tax and Endowment Tax 
12/05/19AASCU letter to Senate HELP Leadership re: Amendments to FUTURE Act 
11/13/19AASCU mentioned in Arkansas Democrat-Gazette story "DACA should cease, legal or not, court hold; UA has 34 students in program 
11/05/19Coalition letter to U.S. Department of Education Re: Foreign Gift and Contracts Disclosure  
10/28/19Coalition letter to House Education and Labor Committee Chair Bobby Scott D-VA and Ranking Member Virginia Foxx R-NC on the College Affordability Act 
10/07/19Amicus Brief to the Supreme Court re: DACA 
09/16/19Coalition letter to House and Senate leaders re: DACA Policy 
09/09/19AASCU's Luis Maldonado quoted in Education Dive article "Ed Dept pitches foreign gifts reporting tool, but uncertainty remains." 
08/21/19Coalition letter to NASA regarding Reporting Requirements Regarding Findings of Sexual Harassment, Other Forms of Harassment, or Sexual Assault 
08/01/19Coalition letter to Sen. Elizabeth Warren D-MA & Rep. Al Lawson D-FL re: College Student Hunger Act of 2019 
07/25/19Coalition letter to Sec. DeVos Re: State Authorization and California Students  
07/12/19AASCU letter to the U.S. Department of Education on accreditation NPRM  
07/12/19Coalition letter to the U.S. Department of Education regarding Section 117 of the Higher Education Act  
06/27/19Coalition letter to Senate leaders re: Permanent Protection for Dreamers  
06/21/19 Coalition letter to Senate leadership urging swift passage of the Kiddie Tax Scholarship Fixd 
06/21/19Coalition letter to Secretary Betsy DeVos pertaining to Section 117 of the Higher Education Act  
06/19/19Coalition letter on Extension of Tuition Deduction and Repeal of Parking Tax  
06/07/19Amicus brief in the Case of Sweda vs University of Pennsylvania  
06/30/21AASCU/APLU Letter to Principal Deputy Under Secretary Diane Jones on the Borrower Defense to Repayment Regulations  
05/25/19AASCU's Barmak Nassirian quoted in CNBC article "These Americans fled the country to escape their giant student debt."  
05/21/19Coalition comments on DOL's Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on Employee Overtime  
05/21/19Coalition letter in support of HR2820, the Dream Act of 2019 and HR 2821, the American Promise Act of 2019  
05/20/19AASCU's Barmak Nassirian quoted in Marketwatch article "Inside the nationwide effort to encourage students to take college credit--while still in high school."  
05/20/19Coalition letter to House Ways and Means Chairman Neal on the Kiddle Tax Scholarship Fix in SECURE Act  
05/09/19Coalition letter to House Appropriations Committee Chair and Ranking Member in support of the FY2020 Labor-HHS-Education Budget  
05/05/19AASCU's Barmak Nassirian quoted in MassLive article "Springfield College joins other Massachusetts schools in making SAT scores optional." 
04/27/19AASCU's Thomas Harnisch quoted in Missoulian article "Montana educators tout program success, track federal proposed cuts." 
04/25/19AASCU's Barmak Nassirian quoted in Yale Daily News article "Up Close: Before and after 'Varsity Blue.'" 
04/22/19AASCU quoted in The Chronicle of Higher Education story "Warren's Free-College Plan Would Cancel Student Debt for Millions." 
04/09/19AASCU's Barmak Nassirian quoted in CNBC article "Student Loan Borrowers with Cancer Are Supposed to Be Able to Pause Payments. They're Hitting a Wall." 
04/03/19AASCU's Barmak Nassirian quoted in Inside Higher Ed article "Few Lessons Learned on For-Profit Closures." 
04/02/19AASCU's Barmak Nassirian quoted in Times Higher Education UK article "US Slows Refunds to Students Defrauded by For-Profits to Trickle." 
03/26/19Coalition letter to Senate HELP Committee leaders on simplifying the FAFSA Form and Eliminating the Aid Elimination Penalty 
03/21/19AASCU quoted in Reuters story "Trump signs executive 'free speech' order for U.S. colleges." 
03/20/19Coalition letter to House leaders in support of the Dream and Promise Act of 2019 
03/13/19AASCU's Barmak Nassirian quoted in Popular Mechanics article "The State of American Trade Schools." 
03/04/19AASCU's Barmak Nassirian quoted in Sinclair Broadcasting article "Trump promises order on campus free speech 'very soon,' offers few details 
03/04/19AASCU's Barmak Nassirian quoted in CNBC article "Attending college is a more uncertain experience today. Here's how to avoid regret. 
02/14/19AASCU's Barmak Nassirian quoted in Inside Higher Ed article "Democratic Contenders' Record on Higher Ed." 
02/13/19AASCU's Barmak Nassirian quoted in CNBC article "A GOP proposal could snatch your student loan payment right from your paycheck." 
02/07/19AASCU's Barmak Nassirian quoted in Education Dive article "As borrower defense gets another rewrite, for-profits wrestle with uncertainty." 
02/04/19AASCU's Barmak Nassirian quoted in Times Higher Education article "US officials retreat from 'provocative' higher education reforms." 
01/31/19AASCU Webinar on the Federal Negotiated Rulemaking Process 
01/30/19Coalition Letter to Secretary DeVos on proposed Title IX regulations 
01/17/19Coalition Letter to Delegated Undersecretary Jones Pertaining to Section 117 of the Higher Education Act  
01/16/19"Dwindling International Enrollment Pushes American Universities Towards Uncertain Futures." 

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