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AASCU creates professional development opportunities for member presidents and chancellors and their spouses and partners, along with complementary programs and services for the presidential leadership team and for women and racial/ethnic minorities who aspire to leadership roles. AASCU undertakes a systematic approach to fostering new leaders who will contribute to academic quality and educational innovation.
Upcoming Meetings
2015 ADP/TDC/NASPA Civic Learning & Democratic Engagement Meeting June 04, 2015 - June 06, 2015
New Orleans Marriott • New Orleans, Louisiana

“Stewardship of Place: A Civic Mission of Higher Education”
Exciting collaborations are happening in 2015! This June, the ADP, TDC and NASPA communities will partner to strengthen and deepen the civic learning and engagement work that we are all committed to across our institutions—both public and private. All three organizations are dedicated to ensuring that students graduate from our colleges and universities prepared to be the informed, engaged citizens that our communities and our democracy need. Fostering academic and student affairs partnerships and collaborations on our individual campuses and across our initiatives and associations is imperative to this mutual goal. Read More >>
2015 Millennium Leadership Initiative (MLI) Institute June 06, 2015 - June 09, 2015
Washington, D.C.

The purpose of the Millennium Leadership Initiative (MLI) is to prepare, enhance and advance the prospect for qualified candidates, who have progressed in their professional careers, to compete successfully, for positions of president or chancellor at universities or colleges, public or private. Read More >> 2015 Japan Studies Institute June 08, 2015 - June 21, 2015
San Diego State University

Join your colleagues from both two and four year institutions around the country for a two-week intensive Summer Institute focused on the study of modern Japan. The Japan Studies Institute (JSI) allows faculty to learn from scholars, business leaders, artists and journalists about Japanese civilization, history, language, business and education. Read More >> 2015 Summer Council of Presidents July 11, 2015 - July 14, 2015
Denver, Colorado

Insight +Innovation=Transformation

Institutional transformation is complex and challenging. Changes in the economy, technology, campus cultures, and the academic environment influence the pace at which transformation occurs and the necessity to foster innovation.

The 2015 Summer Council of Presidents, Insight + Innovation = Transformation, features subject matter experts who will share research findings and provide the tools presidents and chancellors need to lead transformation in a rapidly changing environment.  Summer Council is intentionally designed to build in time for presidents and their spouses or partners to reflect on the program’s content and to interact with colleagues around the concepts and ideas presented. 

Denver, Colorado, known for sunshine, mountain vistas, cultural diversity and its colorful history, provides a perfect venue to achieve valuable insights into creating a culture of innovation that can help foster transformative leadership.

2015 Academic Affairs Summer Meeting July 23, 2015 - July 25, 2015
Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront

"Re-Designing the First Year of College for Student Success"

Many students in the first year fail or drop out. Some of that failure can be attributed to lack of preparation. But in some instances, particularly given the changing student body, our outmoded legacy practices contribute to students’ lack of success. We need to create the most effective learning environment possible in the first year to maximize student retention and student success. For students, earning a college degree in the 21st century means the difference between opportunity and closed doors. The lives of our students, the future of our country, and the fate of our institutions are inevitably linked to the nature and quality of the first year of college. For this country to remain a vibrant economy and a robust democracy, many more of those students must not only have access to higher education; they have to successfully complete a college degree. And for our institutions, student success and institutional success are inseparable.

2015 New Presidents Academy July 27, 2015 - July 31, 2015
La Jolla, California

THE Leadership Program for State College and University Presidents
The AASCU New Presidents Academy is tailored to the distinctive needs of presidents and chancellors who lead state colleges and universities. Don't miss this unique opportunity to meet with your state university peers in a learning environment that is supportive, engaging and tailored to the specific challenges that a first-time president is likely to face. Read More >>


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