• AASCU Spouse/Partner Planning Committee

    The Spouse/Partner Planning Committee is the pivotal steering body of the AASCU Spouse/Partner Program. Through its diverse make-up, the Committee provides the “thought leadership” for initiatives and topical programming of necessity and advises AASCU on the needs, wishes and expertise of spouses/partners. Members of the committee (including the chair and chair-elect) are proposed-in slate form-by the Spouse/Partner Nominating Committee and the slate is then ratified by all AASCU spouses/partners. Members each serve two-year terms, with half rotating off the committee each year. The Liaison to the Spouse/Partner Program and the Planning and Outreach Coordinator both serve as ex officio members of this group. The spouse/partner of the Chair of AASCU's Board of Directors serves on the Planning Committee as an ex officio member if they so choose.

    2017 Spouses/Partners Planning Committee

    (year in parentheses under each Committee member's name indicates the year of the AASCU Annual Meeting in which that member's term will end).
    Download Planning Committee (pdf)


    Becky Driscoll
    Indiana University of Pennsylvania

    Vice Chair

    Elizabeth Ross
    Central Michigan University

    Peggy Apple 
    Clarion University of Pennsylvania

    Gregg Chottiner
    State University of New York - Empire State

    Sandy Christian 
    State University of New York at New Paltz   

    Jane M. Dorman
    Georgia College & State University
    Jeffrey Jones
    California University of Pennsylvania

    Sharon Jones
    Henderson State University
    Aundra N. Shields  
    University of Wisconsin - Platteville  

    Staff Liaison

    Albert R. (Mickey) Howard
    Liaison to the Spouse/Partner Program

    Cynthia Shepard
    Spouse Program Planning and Outreach Coordinator; former presidential spouse, Coastal Carolina University, S.C.

    Danita Young
    1307 New York Ave. NW 5th Floor
    Washington, DC 20005
    Phone: (202) 478-4677
    Email: Youngd@aascu.org

    Revised November 30, 2016