• Professional Development

    AASCU’s Office of International Education offers an array of professional development opportunities for administrators and faculty members. These include the following:

    • AASCU/NAFSA Institute for New Senior International Officers: Designed for recently appointed SIOs working on AASCU member campuses, the institute offers participants the opportunity to be introduced to the key skills and knowledge an SIO must master as a leader in internationalization at a state college or university.

    • China Studies Institute (CSI): CSI participants travel to China for an immersive three-week introduction to Chinese culture and an opportunity to strengthen their campuses’ academic linkages to China.

    • Japan Studies Institute (JSI): JSI participants travel to San Diego, California for two weeks to engage in a series of workshops led by Japanese scholars, business leaders, artists and journalists. The goal of JSI is to help participants incorporate Japanese Studies into their respective undergraduate curricula.

    • JSI-Japan Seminar: The JSI-Japan Seminar, intended for alumni of JSI, gives participants an opportunity to travel to Japan to establish institutional linkages and increase student mobility between Japan and the US. 

    • Arlene Jackson
      Associate Vice President,
      Global Initiatives
      (202) 478-7834
    • Sufei Li
      International Programs
      (571) 594-6668
    • Jody Dixon
      Program Coordinator,
      Global Initiatives
      (202) 478-7814
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